Church of the
           Fabulous Day
Church of the Fabulous Day is an interfaith, omnitheist religion which believes that all the gods and Gods look favorably on all expressions of humankind with a particular love for sexual minority people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, 2-spirit or simply not the plain vanilla, "missionary position" heterosexual "majority."

In fact, membership in Church of the Fabulous Day (CFD) is contingent on profession (public or private) of being one of the aforementioned categories of people.  Nevertheless, those individuals who admit they are heterosexual but wish to participate in the Church may apply for membership as an ally.  Private behaviors in a sanctuary or a bedroom are not of interest or concern to the CFD.

CFD does not demand absolute fidelity and members are welcome to attend traditional services in other faith communities if that makes them feel comfortable.  CFD will evolve into a virtual mutli-faceted faith community with regular gatherings and annual days of observance,  CFD will recognize heroes of the faith who have stood for the rightness of non-hetero, sexual communion between loving individuals and the right of human beings to be accorded full value as citizens of the world entitled to complete equality in all things human.

Welcome to the Church of the Fabulous Day. Remember: Every day is fabulous because you are in it! Rejoice for all is as fabulous as it should be!
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